Martine Groen is fascinated by neo-expressionism. For Martine the painting is infinite space, and a structure for the gesture.

She is inspired by other artists like the writer Italo Calvino, the poet K. Michel, painters such as Marjolein van den Assum, Henk Klinkhamer, Per Kirkeby, Jef Diederen, Eugene Brands, Zoa, and Cannella.

There are themes in Martine’s work, the landscape, the rhythm of nature, textures of the earth, repetition, exception, and change.

There is also an advocacy to protect the qualities of creation as described by Calvino in his “Six Memos for the Next Millennium”.

The minimalism of space is a continuous characteristic of Martine Groen’s work. Giant geography is captured, in a few gestures another reality. To a reality outside of the painting, that opens itself in shadows and in dreams.